Review HoMedics Back And Shoulder Massager (MCS-510H, Cushion)


The Homedics MCS-510h (HoMedics Back And Shoulder Massager) is aggregate back in addition to shoulder rub massage, which give three different massage styles according to client personalized, customized needs. MCS-510H relieves muscle aches and spasms. You can browse from a profound kneading massage, gentle rolling massage or focused spot massage from the programmable remote control framework. The custom width adjustment conforms to your size.

homedics back and shoulder massager


See Product Details: HoMedics MCS-510H Total Back and Shoulder Massage Cushion

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Whether you're looking to focus on your upper, middle, lower or full back, the HoMedics Back And Shoulder Massager is like an individual masseuse. Want to increase massage intensity? Mainly remove the cover for added pressure, customized massage. Diminish stress, strain, as the four autonomous hubs climb and down your back and shoulders while focusing on all your sweet spots.

With its extra hotness gimmick and incorporated strapping framework, you can appreciate a spa-like back rub in the comfort of your most loved seat, sitting at home.

This will be one of the best investment you can have ever constructed, it can fit people with extreme muscle pain like scoliosis. It can also help with fibromyalgia. You can sit in this heated massage chair every day before work and it is astonishing how extraordinary this function.

MCS-510hEasy To Use

This does not need a towel like other similar products available in the market and provide perfect adjustment to the user. Medically your not suppose to have too much heat for a deep penetrating muscle massage and this cushion gives an alternative to it without having much harm due to heat because it is just right.

You can fall in love the way the rolling balls worked the knots out of the lower back. The first couple of passes over the tight muscles loosens, the muscles up and will help up in standing straight and if you have a constant dull ache, this will go on the lower back.

The Best Choice

HoMedics Back And Shoulder Massager have oscillating bars and width adjustment cover the entire back. The bars have different motion and total bars work well. Follow all the directions and it works as it is designed to. The user should place a towel or blanket over cushion to reduce pressure. As far as the price, it is just pennies per day. I'd give it every star.


It’s true! You don’t have to pay much for a good massage if you’re using Homedics MCS-510h. While you can experience a good massage in a convenient way with this product instead of rolling into a salon, popping your clothes on the chair and laying back in a chair for many hours. So grab your HoMedics Back And Shoulder Massager (MCS-510H, Cushion) immediately.

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