Know About Bodycon Dress for Women


Bodycon dress means a type of dress having tight fitting and more significant than the casual wear. This type of dress is perfect for both of the evening and the day wear. The name of the dress has come from a phrase which is “body conscious”.

bodycon dressThe dress has three types depending on the length of it. These are knee, mid thigh, and upper thigh. The material of this type of dress is polyester and Lycra, which help in giving elasticity to the dress to get cope with the figure. Previously it was popular as an evening wear. Nowadays the dress is being popular as a daytime wear. Some of these dresses have wide sleeves or straps whereas some of these are strapless.[sc:ProsperentLink ]

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Facts You Should Know Before Wearing A Bodycon Dress

Before choosing your dress, you should know some important facts about this dress. Not all the women can carry this dress. This can have several impacts on different body shapes. Women, whose figure is heart shaped, won’t suit this dress. So those who have narrow hips will be suggested to avoid this kind of dress. Those who have broad hips and broad stomachs are known as apple shaped. Bodycon dress will give roundness to this type of figure. There are also some other body shapes which don’t go with this dress like the pear shaped including broad hips and small chests. This dress will perfectly go with proportioned chest and hips, which is an hourglass figure.

Accessories With Bodycon Dress

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A proper combination of accessories and dress is the way of making the outfit perfectly. This dress is mostly known as evening wear. The combination is important for making the accessories suitable with the dress for a regular look. Glamorous accessories are often used. If your dress is too gorgeous, then you can skip accessories like neck piece or other jewels and take a simple one. Boots or high heels are popular with this dress. It helps in giving a sensual and sexy look. You can also choose sandals instead of high heels in case of warm weathers. The belt is considered very useful with this dress. The color of the belt can be contrasted with the color of the dress or it can be a match. A loose and large belt can make it comfortable to wear in the day time.

Bodycon dress is actually for confident women who can carry the dress confidently. This is tight fitted dress and so it should be fitted well with the body. Otherwise, it may look odd. So keep looking for your best-suited dress. You can take the help of online shops for this. They will help you in finding out your perfect one among the variety of colors. It is also possible to get matching accessories with the dresses from online shops. So check out their collections if you want to buy such kind of dress. Though the dress was popular as an evening dress, but nowadays the dress is seen to wear in the day time.

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