Review Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent (Outdoor Family Tent)


Review on Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent: Cabin design with specially angled windows. Electrical access port to bring technology inside. WeatherTec System, 16 ft. X 7 ft.; 6 ft. 2 in.

coleman montana 8 person tent

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I have used different types of tents for more the four years now, but none has ever given me satisfaction that I need. You can imagine how disappointed you become when it rains and you found yourself in water but covered by a tent. This made me to search for a better one because my job forced me to sleep in tents due continuous movement from one place to the other. Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent has made me proud since I can now move with my family to wherever we are going. Its wow and I will keep using it for the better part of my life while working.

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This tent is made to be the best among other tents I had used earlier. The size is perfect and you can stand inside and walk around. It looks like a house, much more comfortable and easy to set up. The windows are well made to let in enough light that will light the tent well. Its design makes it to hold to any weather even hen it rains water cannot go through the windows. The poles are strong to withstand heavy winds and the floor is made in a way that maintains dry. It is spacious hence can hold up to three queen beds. You can make to the top of transparent material which will enable you look at the stars at night when you are resting.

Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent (Outdoor Family Tent)The most important thing you need to know when looking for a tent that will make you feel comfortable is a 4 man tent is useful for two individuals and apparatus and 6 man is useful for 3-4 individuals and 6-8 man tents are useful for 4-5 grown-ups and kids in the event that you need to be agreeable and not on top of one another. With Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent and all things considered, I, my wife and our two kids had pretty much the ideal measure of room. We fitted very well with all our belongings. I think when it is indicated an eight man tent it means only people without anything else.

Sincerely, if there were any other individual in there, it would have been a bit packed. So consider it, 2 grown-ups and 2 children and it was pretty much great. My child and I had the Coleman 4 in 1 couch with the sleeping cushions side by side which they say is an in regards to an extra large mattress. It fits fine. My companion had a monarch size resting tangle on his side and it fit fine.

coleman montana

So when searching for a Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent you need to be five or less in number so that you can be comfortable when sleeping. This will avoid the incidences where you find other people sleeping on top of others. I do admire it for how comfortable it makes me and my family. My younger child confuses the tent with a house reason being it even has a carpet. All this can only be finding on Amazon if you want to get the best tent for your family that ca last for a long time.

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