SwissGear Laptop Backpack Review (SA9998 15 Inch)


Review on SwissGear Laptop Backpack, SA9998 (Black) fits most 15-inch laptops. Awesome quality, many pockets and dividers, It can put in two laptops and school textbooks, still looks great.

Having a good bag where you can place your laptop is much better than just having it in the bag that you use to carry your cloths. These bags do differ that why they are specified purposely for carrying laptops.

swissgear laptop backpackSee Product Details: SwissGear Computer Laptop Backpack SA9998 (Black)

I had a trip where it was a must for me to go with my laptop that created the need for me to find the best bag that can be used in the same. The bag is of great quality, and it is made in a good design making it always attractive.

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The price for SwissGear Laptop Backpack is worthy it. I like it since it not only accommodates my laptop but also some of my documents and clothes to. I brought it all over with me, tucked my wallet and brush in it and abstained from needing to pull a satchel with me while I was out in the field. My smart phone was sheltered, as was my cam and batteries.

As of late, my spouse was sent abroad and I begrudgingly given over my knapsack to him forbear on his portable computer is bigger, however regardless it fit, simply wouldn't secure with the Velcro strap. SwissGear Computer Laptop Backpack made everything the best approach to South Korea without occurrence.

One thing that he recognized and I might want to bring up. Light sprinkling, it can hold up to, however, rain it doesn't. In truth, it rains a lot in rainstorm season in the area I come from yet at the same time for Swiss Gear; we were under the feeling that it would be somewhat more defensive from the heavy rains. Since we knew, we can take fitting safety measure.

According to the manufacturer, SwissGear Laptop Backpack can hold a 17 inch portable computer; however that must be without the strap. Mines' a 15.4inch and it fits cozy with the strap. Despite everything I would suggest this sack, and in the case that you want to take it out in the rain, purchase some of that water sealing spread at any open air's store.

Compare With Another Swissgear Backpack

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laptop backpackIn the wake of owning 3 delegate packs for my portable computer and books, and having everyone wear out in some path after around a year, I chose to at last do what needs to be done and get a smart phone rucksack.

This one appeared to be at a decent value, and the audits were about shining with eagerness and acclaim, so I pulled out all the stops.

The primary thing I perceived when it came was that the picture online is a bit tricky in that it makes it appear to be little; this was not by any means the case on my smallish 5'8″ edge. So it is a bit bigger than I had expected, but since that it holds a great deal also.

In the wake of utilizing SwissGear Laptop Backpack for a week now, I can say that the two strongest pluses are that its fabricated like a veritable tank and it is composed in such a route, to the point that, even completely stacked, it scatters the weight well, and puts negligible weight on your shoulders.

SwissGear Computer Laptop Backpack is useful and comfortable for the back.

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