Common Signs of Pregnancy Before Missed Period


Everyone physically reacts in very different ways to a pregnancy. Some may not notice any signs at all until they realize they have missed a period or even two and sometimes even three. But some individuals will have distinct symptoms that will alert them to their possible condition within the first few weeks. These early symptoms and signs of pregnancy before missed period could include:

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A woman may feel suddenly nauseous for no reason at all. Vomiting can also occur so it is vital that the individual be prepared for this sudden onslaught of stomach upsets. Morning sickness can come on at any time during the first three months of pregnancy and will usually begin to abate as the second-trimester approaches. Keeping chips, saltines or other salty snacks on hand at all times may alleviate or assist with this common symptom. If it becomes overwhelming, contacting the doctor may be the best option as there are anti-nausea medications that can be prescribed if necessary.



Breast Changes

A woman's breast size may increase, the nipples become darker and the entire area more sensitive and tender to the touch. A woman may also experience a faint tingling in the breast tissue. As the pregnancy progresses into the later stages, the veins under the breast skin also may stand out more and tiny drops of breast milk be excreted from the nipples.



With hormone changes, mood swings and changes will also occur. The smallest thing may send a woman into a tailspin or cause her to burst into tears over the slightest upset. A woman can become very irritable, moody or depressed for seemingly no reason at all during this time. If symptoms become very severe, her doctor should be contacted immediately.


The feeling that a woman is going to faint or that the room is spinning around her can also be one of the common signs of pregnancy before missed period. If these symptoms persist or you actually do pass out, alert your obstetrician right away. Be sure that the individual always has someone around her and that she is not left alone until this symptom is taken care of or passes.


A woman in the very early stages of pregnancy can find herself lethargic, worn out and tired all the time. She may be very stressed and overwhelmed with her daily routines and demands. Sleep is the best remedy for this affliction and it should pass for the most part as she moves out of the first trimester and into the second trimester. Exercise, a good diet, yoga, meditation techniques, and relaxing time with family and friends can also assist with this common symptom.

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Knowing what the possible signs and symptoms are could alert you to the fact that you could very well be pregnant. Make an appointment with your doctor right away to confirm the diagnosis. This should be a time of joy and wonder and learning how to handle these signs of pregnancy before missed period can help make it so.