Muscle Tips : How To Build Neck Muscles?


Having a strong and health neck does not only help make your upper and lower body look proportional but also boost your neck resistance to pains and other neck-related diseases that can end up hampering your day-to-day performance. Unfortunately, the neck is the most overlooked body part when it comes to workouts something that has led to many people having weak and disobliging neck muscles. If you want to have a healthy and strong neck but do not know how to build neck muscles, here is a guide to help make your work easier.

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How To Build Neck Muscles?

The first approach to building health and strong neck muscles is through performing isometric exercises. In this kind of exercise, the patient is required to use tricks like positioning one hand on the forehead and with the head and neck push the hand against. During the exercise, participants are advised to keep off from moving their heads forward and try to maintain the position of the hand in order to keep pressure balanced. The next isometric exercise is where the participant has to place one of their hands on the head back and push the head backwards. In the exercising process, you should never allow your head hand to move backwards.

how-to-build-neck-muscles-2-300x185Cobra is another best option for people who want to know how to build neck muscles. In this exercise, the participant should lie on a flat surface with their face facing downwards, their arms on the sides and the palms facing upwards. For security purposes, you need to place a soft cloth under your forehead. To start the exercise, you need to lift your head from the soft cloth while still making sure that the shoulder blades are facing each other as well as lifting the hands from the surface. While you reach a height of one inch, you should maintain the position for few minutes.

If you want to know how to build neck muscles, weight exercise is also considered among the best exercises for building the neck muscles. The exercise is done through one resting on a weight bench with their face facing down and the upper chest and head off the bench. After one is positioned well, he or she should then hold a weight plate and start pulling it with the two hands. It is advisable not to use any weights but rely on the head weight as this will help strengthen the neck muscles easily and better.

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For anyone who wants to know how to build neck muscles, using door stretch is also a great approach to boost the strength of the neck muscles. The exercise is designed in such a way that the participant has to stand straight while placing their back against a doorjamb and the feet in a distance of three to four inches from the doorjamb. Once one positioned themselves well, they should then start moving their heads backwards till the head back gets in contact with the doorjamb. For better results, you should remain on the same position for few seconds and keep repeating it for few times at least 10. The reason for positioning the head against the doorjamb is to ease and improve your familiarity with the backward movement.