7 Things Exercises – Best Cardio for Weight Loss


Have you ever reached a plateau in your workout and diet plan? You work out daily and eat healthy foods, but you feel that the scale is not moving quickly enough. The problem may not be your motivation or effort, but your choice of cardio exercise. Make sure that you are doing the best cardio for weight loss. Although all exercise is good, not all exercises are equal. Some types of cardio exercise are just better at raising one's metabolism, burning calories and jump starting weight loss.

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The Best Cardio for Weight Loss:

best-cardio-for-weight-loss-205x3001. Swimming

Swimming is yet again, a great alternative to running for those who have joint problems or who want to switch things up in their exercise routine. Like rowing, swimming is a full body workout and just 30 minutes of laps could burn up to 350 calories, depending on your pace.

2. Elliptical Machine

Some people can't run due to the impact on their knees and ankles. Elliptical Machines are a great alternative. The elliptical machine allows you to burn almost as many calories as running with a little less impact on your joints. This is a great way to ramp up a walking routine to burn more calories daily.

3. Cycling

An average sized person can burn 250-300 calories for 30 minutes of high impact cycling. Cycling is another great alternative to running for those who desire the calories burning ability of running without the impact on their joints. To really amp up, the calories burned, join a cycling class. Cycling, or spinning, classes incorporate intervals of cycling at different speeds and resistance levels which allow you to build stamina and burnup to 600 calories in 40 minutes.

4. Running


Running is considered an exercise staple, but for good reason. Running is the cheapest, most efficient way to burn calories quickly. For every mile, you run, you burn 100 calories and all you need is a good pair of running shoes. Plus, a good run in the morning can raise your metabolism for the whole day. If you prefer walking, start out with an interval routine where you alternate short bursts of walking and running. This will help you build towards running and will maximize your calorie burn in the meantime. Running is a classic, but it is also is the best cardio for weight loss. Sometimes traditional methods really are the best!

5. Rowing

Rowing is a great full body workout, but rowing machines are often underutilized at gyms because few people know how to properly use them. Get a trainer or gym staff member to show you how to properly row and be prepared for a tough yet efficient workout. Rowing machines allow you to burn 300 calories in 30 minutes and help you tone your arms as well. This is a great option for a full body workout that will add variety to your exercise routine.

6. Circuit Training

It is well established that the cardio alone is not the best way to lose weight. A healthy strength training program helps to build more muscles which burn more calories. However, the down fall is strength training doesn't often burn many calories. But, circuit training burns 30 percent more calories than traditional strength training. Circuit training involves multiple alternating cardio and strength exercises performed in quick succession with little to no rest between them. The pace and intensity help keep the heart pumping and calories burning, enabling an average sized adult to burn up to 250 calories in 30 minutes. Circuit training can be accomplished on your own or in group classes like Body Pump.

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7. Step And Aerobics Classes

Aerobics classes may remind you of the 1980s, but these classes are highly effective at burning calories. The classes often incorporate the variety so that different muscle groups are used. Additionally, aerobics classes are high intensity and motivational due to the group nature of the class. While working out with others, you may become so involved and motivated that you push yourself to work harder. Plus, there is a style of aerobics for everyone: step, Zumba, Hop Hop, turbo kick classes, etc. This is a great way to switch up your exercise routine and burnup to 600 calories in one class.

So, if you have a working out daily and no longer losing weight, it may be time to switch things up. Even alternating your traditional workouts with one of these exercises 2-3 times a week might help you get over that slump. Make the most of your workout by choosing cardio exercises that help you lose weight more quickly and effectively. Be sure to pick out the best cardio for weight loss.