Toddler’s health greatly depends on their nourishment. If you want your toddler to grow happily and also active, then feeding him with the right food is the best option. The stomach of a toddler is small and can’t store too much food. However, because of his rapid growth, your toddler requires energy, which can be found by eating healthy food. There are several healthy food for toddlers these include:

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Cabbage has a crunch and mild favor which is loved by kids’ more than usual salad greens. It also has phytonutrients which improves digestion and also lowers the risk of several types of cancer. Cabbage also clears harmful toxins from your toddler’s body by triggering the release of enzymes which whisks them out. You can make some coleslaw with low-fat mayo or shred and toss it into soups then give your kids to eat (healthy food for toddlers).


Eggs-3694187993_5063436629Eggs are proteins healthy food for toddlers. Apart from offering proteins to your toddler, they also have natural vitamin D which helps the body absorb calcium. Feeding your toddlers with eggs during the breakfast makes them feel satisfied for longer hours.


Milk-3119372622_7e86143076Calcium and proteins milk provides fuel for the body and the brain. Calcium keeps toddler’s teeth and bones strong while protein builds the brain’s tissue.


Fruit-2394178900_0d85d1f606Any fruit is essential to your toddlers’ health. It provides essential minerals and vitamins. Fruits also contain fiber which keeps toddlers regular. It’s healthy to feed your kids with a variety of fruits such as oranges, melons, berries and kiwifruit.

Low-fat Greek Yogurt

This type of yoghurt has healthy bacteria which boosts immunity and also aids digestion and has less sugar and more protein compared to regular yoghurt. Add a drop of honey (for age of 1 year) for sweetness, a little maple syrup so that it won’t spike your kids’ energy level and ensure you give your toddlers after the breakfast.


Tomatoes-1085617988_edc33bce22Tomatoes are among the healthy food for toddlers. It contains lycopene which a substance that shields your kids against cancer. Taking cooked tomatoes is the best because when heated the lycopene is released. Pairing tomato food with good fat such as olive oil helps the kid’s body absorb more. You can feed your kids with tomatoes by giving them pizza and pasta sauces or by adding tomato sauce to meatloaf.



Nuts have healthy fats which are required for growth and development. Having some nuts in the morning gives your toddlers burst of energy to keep them going.

Black Beans

Beans are sources of protein as well as calcium and fiber. They guard against high cholesterol and heart diseases which are not only adult related problems. Your kids can get this diet by taking nachos with black beans, salsa and cheese.

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Basil-9693219930_678df98679Basil is a herb packed with antioxidants – vitamins K, C and A, iron, calcium and potassium which improve digestion. Studies have shown that Basil can make a component of healthy food for toddlers because it also relieves headaches. Toddlers can get this diet by taking a pesto stirred into cooked pasta.


Cinnamon-7309905246_d8365e1d05This type of spice helps to regulate blood sugar, which minimizes mid-morning crashes. Your kids can consume this diet by taking pancakes, yoghurt, oatmeal and cold cereal sprinkled with this spice.

Use the aforementioned top healthy food for toddlers and your kids will live a happy life.