Modern Motorcycle Helmets For Women


motorcycle helmets for women

Modern Motorcycle Helmets For Women

SHARP is a program that looks at motorcycle helmets that are used by women. This program tests and rates all helmets used by women riding motorcycles all around the world. This acts as a guide to female motorists when they are buying a helmet.

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In ratings, helmets are rated with a five-star system whereby five is the highest and one is the lowest. Five-star helmets are rated as so because of their ability to protect someone escapes an accident without being hurt in the head. Female helmets are smaller than males, and they also come in different colors’ and styles which are more appealing to females mostly.

There are different kinds of motorcycle helmets for women, for example; Modular flip- up, skullcap, full-face, HJC HQ-1 and AGV motorcycle helmets are but a few.

Top Five Modern Motorcycle Helmets For Women

1) HJC HQ-1

hjc hq-1HJC HQ-1 is among the safest motorcycle helmets for women in the markets today. It has a rating of five stars from SHARP. It's top spot sales in both the European countries and the United States. HQ-1 outer shell is made of carbon fiber composite which makes it a top-spec helmet. It withstands a great amount of impact in the process of an accident. Its toughness and light weight makes it comfortable to wear.

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2) Nolan N42E

Nolan N42ENolan helmets are embedded with great technology in them. With this helmet, a woman can access Bluetooth, an MP3 player, intercom and iPod. Nolan helmets are a Winnebago in the world of helmets. “Wired” gave these motorcycle helmets for women a review for the volume control, chinstrap, quick-release and flip-front which help to adjust the glasses easily. N42E IS a helmet with 14 different colors, solid open face and also helps in communication system. It is designed to reduce wind noise by the use of extra neck roll and a removable interior which is washable.

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3) Bell Drifter

bell drifterBell Drifter is a classic looking helmet that gives coverage for the head. It has a five-year warranty given by the manufacturer, lightweight fiberglass and a washable comfort lining. It amongst the cheapest helmet for women. It is for women who like living on the edge.

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4) AGV Motorcycle Helmet

agv motorcycle helmetIt is one of the best-rated motorcycle helmets for women in the market today with a rating of five- star given in 2009 by SHARP. It has a visor which protect female riders from flying debris by the use of a quick-release ratchet, and a visor with anti-fog system that prevent it from fogging up on the road. They are made of thermoplastic resin or a fiberglass that makes them more heavy-duty than other female helmets and tougher. They are light hence don’t weigh the female rider down but can absorb a big amount of impact during a collision.

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5) Arai Sz-ram4

Arai Sz-ram4It is a helmet specifically designed for females due to its small size and good ventilation on the forehead where women like it. Its multiple layers help to provide comfort to the rider.  The cap body structure is adopted PB-cLc. Than normal glass fiber was carefully layered material, the super fiber excellent in both 40% higher strength, tensile and compression strength.

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In conclusion, all the helmets mentioned above are some of the best motorcycle helmets for women that provide protection to female riders while riding on the road.