Best Kept Secrets for Women Looking For Men


The dating scene is getting tougher each and every day. Competition for good men is getting stronger and at times you are probably wondering if you will ever get the right person. There are secrets that women looking for men should know about so that they don’t end up scaring away every guy they want. Women should learn the tricks of how to keep men that they would like to go out with closer without freaking them out. You should also know good fundamentals in dating because if you don’t know the basics every other thing becomes useless.

The common mistakes of letting him read through you in a blink leaving behind no mystery is simply boring. Other women wear too much makeup while other never give even a simple suggestive smile. You should master the art of getting men to chase after you. Women should consider the fact that they are always on a timer because this makes it totally necessary to know how to impress.

women looking for men

If you get lucky enough to score a first date, you should know that it is very important to get a second date. Some women make the first date all about the guy who leaves the room for a second date (it’s a perfect strategy). This is because the guy will want to know more about you and because he did not get a chance on the first date he will push for a second date.

How To Make Him Approach You And Even Exchange Numbers?

Women looking for men should know that a smile will capture his attention, but it will take more than a smile for him to approach you. Standing there and looking gorgeous will also not get him to approach you. Men are afraid of rejection so he will not come over unless he is pretty sure you will be receptive. If you like the guy then, you will have to give him a flirty look but don’t overdo it. Some of the secrets to attracting more men than you can handle are:

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  • women looking for menPut on your best face. No man wants to approach a woman that seems to be having all troubles in this world. Men have enough problems as it is and most of them look for a woman who can take their mind off of them. Put on a smile and make sure your game is at its highest level.
  • Put on a dress that shows off your shoulder and neck. There is no doubt that men are visual beings and that the way you dress will greatly determine if any man will approach you. Dressing like you are heading to a retirement home will only leave you wondering if there is something wrong with you yet in the real sense you are scaring men off with your dressing style.
  • Don’t fail to pay attention to the basics. Make sure you are fully aware of the things that scare the man off. You should also know how to keep him interested and yearning for more you. There are women looking for men yet they hang out in groups. If maybe your confidence is derived from this make sure, you keep it nice and small. It is good to have someone to back you up especially women who love night outs.
  • Being seductive is not a crime. If you are a woman and there is someone you like, who said being seductive is crime? Work you charms you will be surprised to find out he likes it and you.

It is clear now that women looking for men need to be attractive. No man falls in love with your personality at first sight. Men are visual creatures and will always fall in love with an attractive woman at first sight. This makes it necessary for women looking for men to dress up elegantly and makes sure they are at their best.