Candida Crusher Review: Recurring Yeast Infection Solution


Candida Crusher is an e-Book (digital book) that was written by Dr. Eric Bakker. The digital guide was written for the sole purpose of helping those patients with candida yeast infection to be healed by following the programs tips and techniques.

candida crusher

Candida Crusher offers a natural holistic solution to help patients a fight and recurring the yeast infection without having to undergo different side effects. The author offers a permanent solution to the yeast infection patients and also provides them with a defense mechanism to prevent future infections.

About the author – Dr. Eric Bakker

Dr. Eric BakkerDr. Eric Bakker is an experienced naturopathic physician who has 25 years of experience practicing interactive medicine for 15 years with other medical doctors. He has held the post of Vice-president of New Zealand natural medicine association.

He is passionate about improving the lives of many people who have been infected and have suffered a yeast infection. The knowledge in natural medicine practice, his proven wellness and lifestyle centered principles have helped him develop the digital book.

The author contributes many articles on Ezine, blogs and also lectures on natural medicine throughout New Zealand and Australia.

How does Candida Crusher work?

The Candida Crusher Digital Book provides a step by step approach of natural and holistic means of curing patients with the yeast infection. All this is achievable without the patient experiencing any side effects in the body. The natural and holistic approach to treatment of yeast infection is affordable to many people who have undergone or were about to undergo modern treatments methods.

candida crusher

The information contained in the digital book is drawn mainly from over 25 years of research in dealing with yeast infections, and that has been condensed into a 3 step natural treatment.

Candida Crusher Pros

  • The digital book is the most comprehensive book that has ever been written regarding yeast infection and contains information the reader cannot find anywhere else.
  • The digital book was written by a real expert and a man who has a great reputation. The information contained in the book is based on research gathered from treatment of more than 15,000 patients that has lasted for over 25 years.
  • It is a step by step approach that utilizes natural and holistic treatment methods to help the patient heal from yeast infection. There are no side effects experienced by the user since the approach used natural.
  • The guide offers the patient a permanent solution and one does not need to spend more money on medications and creams.
  • The author, Dr. Eric Bakker offers free consultation via email to all his customers regarding candida yeast infection. This has helped many patients save a lot of money as opposed to visiting other medical facilities where they would have been charged exorbitant fees.
  • The digital book is sold by a reputable company, and they offer a 60-day money back guarantee.

Candida Crusher Cons

  • The digital book contains repetitive information in some sections that has made the book longer.
  • While the customer support is good, the response time is slower.
  • The book is only available for purchase online, and there is no hard copy available.
  • It is expensive compared to other programs online.

candida crusher reviews


In conclusion, the Candida crusher digital book is Godsend to patients who are suffering from yeast infections. Written by Dr. Eric Bakker, the information contained in the book is drawn from 25 years of research. The treatment steps follow a natural and holistic approach which guarantees the patient will experience no side effects afterward.

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