10 Corso Como Fashion Designer: Simplicity Is The Superiority


10 corso como[sc:ProsperentLink ]Clothes are a perfect way to communicate without necessarily having to say anything verbally. Fashion is has become a tool for women to express themselves and portray their personality to the world without having to look for a platform to express what they feel. One cloth brand that is among the most popular is the 10 Corso Como brand.

The 10 Corso Como design, based in Milan, Italy has increasingly become a prominent name in the fashion industry. The brand is designed by artist Kris Ruhs. 10 Corso Como is known and appreciated around the world as one of the most original and unique designs. This brand is the best choice for those who are looking for something trendy but less glamorous; it’s simple but classy in a fashionable way.


10 Corso Como Fashion Collection

Here are some of their top nine clothes (base on shopbop.com) you should plan to buy. Click on the image to see product details:


  1. Grato Leather Jacket: ($850) The 10 Corso Grato leather jacket is simple but glamorous with a zipper on the front.
  2. Marks Tunic: ($285) It is a long sleeved classic and modern tunic. The Marks tunic, with its front pockets, is trendy and classy.
  3. Bellin Dress: ($265) The 10 Corso Bellin dress can be paired with some heels, some boots or even some worker boots and it will still look fantastic. It does not restrict dressing.
  4. Mason Skirt: ($285) The Mid-thigh length 10 Corso mason skirt is chic and a great way to show off a well-pedicured pair of legs. It is a black flair skirt.
  5. Camley Jacket: ($295) A 10 Corso camley jacket is classy in a chic fashionable way.
  6. Hells Tee T-shirts: ($110)This 10 Corso long sleeved Hells t-shirt is chic and classy. This t-shirt from 10 Corso effortlessly exudes elegance.
  7. Atwood Blouse: ($240) When you talk of chic, 10 Corso Atwood blouse should be the first in mind. It has trendy pockets at the front.
  8. Parell Sweater: ($130) This long-sleeved parell sweater from 10 Corso effortlessly looks fabulous without the need for any accessories.
  9. Moto Tee: ($110) It is a simple t-shirt. Short-sleeved and chic t-shirt; t-shirts from 10 Corso effortlessly exude elegance.

10 Corso Como is a brand for the fashionable woman who wants to be simple, but trendy at the same time. For a real fashion cautious woman, an item from 10 Corso should definitely be part of your wardrobe.