The Trendy Strapless Dresses, History, Types And Facts


strapless dresses

A dress without having shoulder straps is known as strapless dresses. This dress is supported internally by the internal brassiere or corset. The dress also has tightness which helps in keeping the dress in the exact position.

The History Of The Strapless Dresses

The dress was first seen in the 19th century. It is made of elastic fabrics which help in avoiding bonding or any type of the internal structure. In the recent years, this dress has found as the most required dress for the bride in a wedding ceremony.

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 Though this type of dress is controversial for the religious wedding, wide use of this dress has seen in the formal wedding ceremony. This is popular for getting the red carpet look.

Opinion Of The General People About This Dress

Many people find out strapless dresses as the appropriate one as an office wear. Many office and schools forbid this dress as their dress code in the 21st century. Many people have indicated many problematic facts about this dress.

white strapless dress

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Religious Facts

Strapless garments are considered as satanic in some regions, especially in the Islam. So many women avoid this type of dress besides miniskirts. So this is not popular among all. This is popular is the western culture.

Different Types

This dress can be of different types and in different lengths. You will get from knee length to the floor length. Some types can be above the knees. You don’t need to worry about your height or weight for wearing this. These kinds of dresses are in different colors. So you can choose your desirable color.

Focus On Different Facts Depending On The Body Shape

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You just need to focus on your body shape. The body shape of each woman is unique. If you are an hourglass body shaped woman, your best asset is your body curve. No need to hide the body curves with big clothes. Knee length fitted dress will suit your body shape.

If you have apple shaped body, your best asset is your legs. You need to put a supportive bra with your dress besides wearing a short skirt. Wearing a belt will help you to increase your outlook. Rectangle shaped body don’t need any overwhelming style.

Showing your body curve will be stylish for you. Your legs are your best asset besides the arms. If you have wedge body shape, your legs are the best asset for you. You need to wear the dress of full length having bright color. It will suit you most. It will make an illusion of the body shape. Flat stomach is the best asset for pear shaped woman.

If you are a woman of having this type of body shape, you need to avoid clothes which will draw the attention to the thighs and hips. You can do the experiment with designs. You can try the contrast colors.

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Get the clear idea about your body shape and choose the appropriate strapless dresses for you. If you are choosing a strapless gown for wedding, then you need to pick up a white one. Other colors are preferable for other different types of occasion.