Maverick Grill Thermometer ET 733 Review (Dual Probe)


Have you ever hear about a gadget that can measure the temperature of meat without being connected to it. Here then it comes; it can fit in your pocket, or you can clip it to your belt if you would like. When you have, meat is being grilled, the probe communications with the receiver hence updating you in time. Maverick Grill Thermometer ET 733 displays the current temperature and can alert you at any desirable temperature for perfect cook always.

maverick grill thermometer et 733

See Product Details: Maverick ET733 Long Range Wireless Digital Thermometer Set

  • Dual Probe
  • Remote BBQ, Smoker, Grill, Oven, Meat
  • Thermometer:
  • Perfect for Thanksgiving Turkey
  • Monitor your Food From up to 300 feet away
  • NEWEST VERSION With a Larger Display
  • Features – White, with a DBTech Meat Temperature Magnet Guide


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The screen is big enough to display high- target and low target temperature. You can monitor two individual things at a time due to the presence of two probes that enables Maverick Grill Thermometer ET 733 to double work.

The screen displays both temperatures at a time, and setting temperatures is very easy. The ability to monitor two temperatures at ago makes me feel proud. You can use one probe in monitoring the temperature if you like to slowly cook you meat of the grill and set the warning alarm. And to get the temperature of the meat being cooked then use the other probe in order to get the desired cooking outcome you like.

et 733Maverick Grill Thermometer ET 733 comes with two parts that is the transmitter and the receiver that is portable, and you can carry it while preparing your meal. What impresses ma about this machine is that you can be even three hundred feet away from the grill and be able to get alarms and monitor the cooking.

If you are preparing two types of meals at a go then, you can monitor them to at the same time. This is because it has two sensors that can monitor two different grills. The screen is visible even while it is dark, and the probes are inserted into the meat that you are cooking or grilling. The probes have a very high temperature for it to melt that is why they are fit for this particular task. The thermometer has six cooking temperatures that include for lamb, chicken, turkey, beef, pork and veal. It also has nine different cooking temperatures for game meats if you are a fun of game meat then you are okay with it.

For you to enjoy using Maverick Grill Thermometer ET 733 you must ensure that you have followed the directives given in the manual book. They will enable you in programming this machine more especially for those who have never been used to this type of a machine. If you are not keen, you may end up being fade up with this machine and give a negative review. Be keen and follow each and every step as you are preparing to use the machine for the better results.

Maverick Grill Thermometer

When first I bought it, I had to train myself for a week to get what it was all about. My patience made me a big deal; I would have lost hope, but I really tried till now I understand how it works and how I should program it for a particular type of meal.

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