KEEN Women’s Targhee II Review (Waterproof Hiking Boot)


I have fully settled on this type of shoes and I don’t think if I will ever change my mind to take another type since am getting all the satisfaction that I need. When I group all those shoes that I had bought before, it is the most comfortable of all. Its features are great and it is not stories I have worn them and I do know what I am talking about. The design is perfect, are a great shoes. I received KEEN Women's Targhee II as a gift from my grandfather who passed away a month ago, but I tell you I have had the comfort ability that one needs from any beautiful shoes.

keen women's targhee ii


See Product Details: KEEN Women's Targhee II Waterproof Hiking Boot

Here are the five main features of this shoes that make it superior to others in the market. KEEN Women's Targhee II has bores that allow air to enter and leave the shoes. This aids the moisture to get out maintaining your shoes dry throughout the exercise period.

It is very comfortable in all terrain. It has S3 heel support that provides adequate security to the foot while walking and running too. Prevent the foot from shock and also ankle injury. Earlier on I had some shoes which when taking my exercises I would feel like there are some currents flowing through it making all the process uncomfortable. I don’t regret having bought another one.

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The KEEN Women's Targhee II is durable with the upper part that is waterproof. Along the races and around the heel, it has shiny color which make it gorgeous. This makes this pair of shoes easily noticeable. It fits my foot well, so I can do all the exercises and it won’t get off. I have wide feet and rather high curves. I purchase a half size up and they fit gloriously, no softening up needed. The mid boots help hold my lower leg permitting me to wear either summer or winter socks and not have the shoes sliding around on my feet.

The place here I live is not a good place to run, where notwithstanding continuous steep slopes there is additionally bottomless downpour and in some cases snow. I walk a couple of raucous adolescent 40 pound canines around two miles consistently, here and there slopes in various types of climate. On the off chance that you've ever had 80 pounds of canine attempting to draw the inverse far up or down a frigid slope walkway you know that it is so imperative to have impressive boots to stay upright.

targhee iiI have attempted an incredible various sorts of shoes since moving here, and nothing is on a par with KEEN Women's Targhee II (Waterproof Hiking Boot). I'm just about humiliated the extent to which I love these shoes. I like to say they are similar to my 4-wheel drive car to for my feet. They are fundamentally the main shoes I'll wear unless I have to dress extravagant. This is a good one and soon I am going to get another pair for my cousin. It if of high quality so I have no problem with it despite the fact that mine leaks a bit.

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