If you seriously want to lose weight, your caloric intake during the day must be lower than the number of calories you burn. The 1200 calorie diet plan is, usually, the suggested minimum diet routine for healthy and safe fat loss. This is because this diet can offer you a sufficient amount of nutrients and enable you to consume a reduced amount of calories, which is necessary for weight loss. In many cases, weight loss programs are devised by experts based on the intake of 1200 calorie diet plan on a daily basis.

Why a 1200 Calorie Diet Plan Works?

1200-calorie-diet-plan-1-300x238This diet plan is based on the concept of calorie management. If dieters consume fewer amounts of calories than they have been communing, they are most likely to lose weight.

According to this free diet, dieters are supposed to take 1200 calories on a daily basis. What this means is that individuals should do some research regarding the amount of calories contained in each food category. Wondering how this is possible? Well, 1 oz of fat requires approximately 3500 plus calories in order to burn successfully. Therefore, by citing down your caloric intake by about 500 calories on a daily basis (which translates to 3500 calories per week), this will enable you to drop a minimum of one pound each week. That sounds easy, doesn't it? Well, devising a proper diet program can be easier said than done.

What a 1200 Calorie Meal Plan Should Look Like?

Greatly minimizing your caloric intake implies that every food crumb is extremely important. This will entail both the nutritional content of each food category and the number of calories present. There isn’t any particular foods suggested on the 1200 calorie meal plan, but it is often advisable to include unprocessed and fresh foods such as lean proteins, legumes, whole grains, vegetables and fruits.

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The suggested 1200 calorie diet plan should be designed as follows:

  • The three-day meals should make up about 900 calories ( 300 calories each)
  • Snacks constituting the remaining 300 calories should be spread suitably throughout the day.
  • All meals should be prepared from whole and unprocessed foods, where possible.

When it comes to exercise, dieters are expected to take part in some reasonable activities even though there aren't any particular suggestions. This helps the process of weight control and overall health.

How to Kick Start Your 1200 Calorie Diet Plan?


Advantages of the 1200 Calorie Diet Plan

  • When you take wholesome foods, you are most likely not going o feel hungry with this 1200 calorie meal plan.
  • Reduced calorie meal plans are considered to be efficient weight loss techniques.
  • Dieters can select their preferred diets provided that the daily consumption of calories remains consistently low.
  • It is possible to adjust the meal plan to include special diets like diabetic, vegetarian and so on.
  • Quick initial fat loss can enhance your morale to persist with a diet plan for an extended period.

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  • It is necessary to monitor and count the number of calories used on a daily basis.
  • You will have to plan the diet carefully in order to avoid nutritional shortages.
  • Some dieters can feel tired and hungry from time to time.

The 1200 calorie diet plan has had many success stories so you can expect to lose some weight. Nonetheless, for you to sustain the weight loss, you are supposed to make some healthy lifestyle changes.