Life Insurance: No Medical Exam Life Insurance


Getting a life insurance policy is very important especially if you are a woman who has dependents who fully rely on you. More and more people realize that they have to get life insurance because they may never know what will happen. However, getting a life insurance can be a pain in the ass for it requires the medical exam so a no medical exam life insurance came into the view.

no medical exam life insurance

For so many people, getting a no medical exam has been a great success for it meets their needs for coverage without the hassle of the long approval process. This is actually so convenient especially to those people who are busy and cannot leave their work even for just one day.

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Commonly, most policies require you to fill out a medical questionnaire that you must answer legibly or risk the life insurance company, not paying out the full death benefit, in case something bad will happen to you. This is actually a very good option to not be stressed out by the long approval process of most policies.

There are a lot of reasons why you should purchase a policy. Really, there are several reasons to consider this type of life insurance. A trusted website enumerates some.

  • You need coverage fast. Usually, no medical exam can take less than 24 hours to be approved. If, for instance, the underwriters want something to look at you, it will just take not more than 2 weeks to get the policy in force.[sc:Right300x250 ]
  • You don’t like examinations. If you are afraid of the needles or doctors, you’re really into this. No medical life insurance has any hassle of going to the doctor and taking exams.
  • You have not been to the doctor in a while. Many people haven’t undergone the physical examination for years. The great disadvantage for this does not know if you do have an illness or serious medical condition. There are people who, before applying for a traditional life insurance policy, have not been to the doctor in years so they get a no medical exam life insurance. So just in case something bad resulted on a medical exam, there is a much lower rate policy available for them.
  • You have a condition that prevents standard coverage. Some people cannot get approved for the standard policy but their condition is very horrible, but they can still qualify for no exam policies.
  • You are purchasing on the family member. There are situations when it is necessary to protect yourself by buying life insurance for a family member for whom you will be responsible for the financial obligations. However, the problem is if your loved one is stubborn and refuses the medical exam. In this situation, a no medical exam life insurance is ideal since it is you who can fill out the questionnaire without forcing them to take the medical exam.

So you after knowing these, you really have to consider purchasing a no medical exam life insurance policy. The next ting to be considered is which company you purchase the policy.