Review SHANY Nail Art Set (24 Famous Colors Nail Art Polish)


SHANY Nail Art Set contain 24 pieces for every color you may need to make your fingernails fabulous. With this set, you are well set to making your nails look good ever. The different colors enable you to make different shapes with different colors improving the attractive nature of the nails. For a woman to be appreciated that she is well dressed and beautiful nails are part of moves people to say, you are smart.

shany nail art set

SHANY Nail Art Set (24 Famouse Colors Nail Art Polish, Nail Art Decoration)

The colors are many but this is what you will get: Forest green, Neon green, Lime green (pearl), Lavender (matte), Orange (matte), Dark grey, Neon purple, Yellow (matte), Fuchsia (pearl), Purple (pearl), Sky blue (matte), White (matte), Silver (glitter), Pink (glitter), Navy (pearl), Dark grey (matte), Red (matte), Fuchsia (pearl), Gold (glitter), Blue (glitter) and Others .

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With these varieties of colors, you can make any type of painting on your nails that you may like. SHANY Nail Art Set can be very beneficial if that is your nail art business, decorating women’s fingernails since you get all the types of colors you need in a single set.

It is easier to manage since all the colors are in a set once you use one and you are done you just return to the set and pick another one. When it comes a point and you lose a given color it is easy to realize as compared to when you just bought a few and get scattered can be a headache while you are treating your customer.

  • The 24 nail art set contains 4 neon shades, 4pearl, 5glitter shades and 11 matte shades.
  • It has a durable design which is quick to dry, long lasting, fine nail and yet affordable nail polish
  • It works great with shany nail art, nail manicure, pedicure, and brushes accessories.


With the ability to dry fast, it gives you a chance to just spare some minutes in making your nails and continue with other activities. For those who like making their nails on their own, you can buy a set which can maintain you for a relatively long period of time. Is that person who likes today to look different from yesterday? Then make an appointment of getting this set for once and that amount you use each and every time will be cut as you will be doing it on your own. Online store offer the product at relatively lower prices making it affordable for the lower class and also the rich.

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If your client has been using the nail art design which after being made fades away easily, it is time to discover your best and become the best of the best. You be wondering why you friend’s nails look smarter than yours or any other person. Get the secret that we are giving you, the secret of beauty, shine and be attractive if you are a designer. It is not a must for you to be using this SHANY Nail Art Set; you can as well remain the way you are. At that time, you will realize how far you will be from your friends.

Get SHANY Nail Art Set (24 Famous Colors Nail Art Polish, Nail Art Decoration) at online shop and after you make an order, the product can be shipped to you within 24 hours. If you find out, products are defective you give us you complaints you will be refunded.

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