Review Conair Oval Double-Sided Lighted Mirror (Oiled-Bronze Finish)


Conair Oval Double-Sided Lighted Mirror
is perfect in the application of makeup and shaving. It is made in such a manner that when you are using it you can adjust without putting down your tools, which may be shaving or make up tools due to its touch-activated power.

conair oval double-sided lighted mirror

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Conair Oval Double-Sided Lighted Mirror – Oiled-Bronze Finish

For detailed makeup, there is included soft halo lighting. It has the ability to rotate 3600 for regular viewing or magnification viewing of 7x. The mirror is equipped such that fog-free glass creates clear viewing in all the conditions. Conair Oval Double-Sided Lighted Mirror can be available if you need it for shaving or for makeup.


Women like finding out how well their faces are doing and keep on checking whether the makeup has been well made or should be added, this mirror can enable you do all your makeup very easily. The presence of touch activated power enables you to continue applying your makeup in whichever magnification you like without putting your tools down for adjustment.

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This feature makes it more impressive and easy to handle more especially when men are shaving their hair. You only need to hold your machine and check the best resolution that can enable you get your clear picture for the betterment of shaving.

If you are checking out your eyes and applying makeup on your eyebrows the 7x is the best for that purpose as it magnifies to make the small eye look clearer than when using that side which has no magnification. But for general make up you can use that side that has no magnification and it will work better.

It is nicely made with a gorgeous color with a light weight which makes it stable. The height is perfect when you are in a sitting position and the height can be adjusted. Why do you live struggling with that fake mirror of yours and hear the best comes with all the features that you have missed before? Am sure many people have those mirrors which you keep on adjusting to the light for better viewing. Upgrade your life with Conair Oval Double-Sided Lighted Mirror.

Oiled-Bronze FinishThe body color of the mirror is beautiful, nice shiny brown. It is real loveable, as it is of good quality with high light. The light is not white, harsh and it’s warm and more yellowish. The product is expensive but beautiful and of high class. This is a product you need to be in your room to enhance the effectiveness while applying the makeup.

Men you don’t need to have somebody to cut down your hair, you can reduce such expenses by buying this nice product from amazon and your work will be made easier. The magnification of 7x can enable you spot a point on your face where you have not cut the pear heads well. Most men due to their nature think that Conair Oval Double-Sided Lighted Mirror is of no importance to them but let me assure you it plays a very significant role in your life. You cannot move out of the house before looking at it to find out if you used too much oil on your face or you are dressed smart.

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