Mind Reader Coffee Pod Drawer Review (36 Keurig K-Cup)


Having your coffee well kept is a good idea but do you know how to do it. You have been used with flasks which break easily. Mind Reader Coffee Pod Drawer comes in different sizes according to your needs. With this storage drawer you are sure that the services you get are the best, you just get what pay for. If you have ever used a wire mesh storage, you really know what happens after the wire mesh get heated. The anchor is great much far better than wire mesh. This machine is made up of quality materials making the drawers remain smooth irrespective of the weight exerted by the coffee machine it.

mind reader coffee pod drawer

See Product Details: Mind Reader Anchor Coffee Pod Storage Drawer for 36 Keurig K-Cup, 42 CBTL/Verismo Coffee Pods

Mind Reader Coffee Pod Drawer has heat-resistant panel which enables the anchor never to be compromised by the heat from the machine. This makes it unique from all other models in the market. You find out that the panel can protect the coffee pods from the heat produced by the machine. With this machine a sure you are going to enjoy fresh coffee if it is the first time using it.

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This is a new product that you can find in the market and satisfy all your needs if that of wire mesh has done nothing good but disappointment. Mind Reader Coffee Pod Drawer comes with different models. The k-cups which can either be black or white, it can accommodate 36 cups. Vue packs which can hold 20 cups and espresso capsules which also holds 50 cups. It is your choice to get any of the models; it comes with different sizes to give all the satisfaction you need. These models work the same the only difference is the sizes that is the number of cups they can hold at a time.

Anchor coffee pod drawer

Mind Reader Coffee Pod Drawer has been designed and made to live unlike the wire mesh which tags afterward. Wire mesh is cheap, but I can assure you the disappointment you will get will be a shock. They are cheap but with sticky drawers. You can place your machine directly on the machine without any worry of damage. The ability to with stands the weight of the machine makes it occupy a small space which is convenient for small sized kitchen. Anchor is much better than any other model. I have used it for a year and am enjoying my fresh coffee anytime I need it. Don’t mind of the price, as it is a bit higher as compared to other storage drawers. What it gives you is more than its cost.

I would recommend Mind Reader Coffee Pod Drawer to anyone looking for a good unit to hold the pods. In any market not all the products can original, you may be sold a counterfeit product and get you into problems rather than giving you relieve. You need to get your machine from the right dealer such as this online store can give you the best and you can be able to return if you are not satisfied with it.

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