Review Tava Tea Weight Loss Blend (Weight Loss and Detox Tea)


tava tea weight loss blendReview on Tava Tea Weight Loss Blend – What Is TavaTea and Why Is It So Popular?

Are you looking to lose some unwanted fat and shed some pounds but is tired of taking in food supplements that sometimes do not work? Do you prefer health drinks and liquid alternatives? Then this is a great product for you and for anybody who loves to drink tea and get some weight lost in the process.

The Tava Tea Weight Loss Blend is a weight loss and detoxifying tea which allows the body to lose unwanted fat by just drinking this concoction at the recommended dosage. This is probably the simplest way of losing weight and one of the safest ways as well.

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Here Are Some More Facts About This Tea:


  • It contains the amino acid L-theanine. This amino acid boosts the alpha brain wave activity and increases the production of the calming neurotransmitters which are serotonin and dopamine.
  • This calms your body and your mind and improves your mood.
  • Tava Tea Weight Loss Blend helps the body fight off signs of aging. It was observed that the continued drinking of this tea can reverse the signs of aging by the reduction of free radicals, which are harmful bacteria, from the body.
  • It has the capacity to lower the fattening effects of carbohydrates taken in the body. It was found that taking this tea at least 15 minutes before consuming food helps lower the spike in insulin that normally happens when eating carbohydrates.
  • It generally burns off fatter than your regular green tea. This drink burns 2.5 times more calories than green tea. This was proven with a study done in a Japanese university where people who took this Oolong tea experienced twice the calorie-burning effects as compared to green tea drinking.

What Is It Made Of?

Tava Tea Weight Loss Blend is a unique blend of Sencha, Puerh species and Wuyi Cliff Oolong which are both organically grown and this tea uses only pure, fresh and quality tea leaves.

It contains Polyphenols which activate enzymes that dissolve triglyceride fats in the body. The EGCG in polyphenols is powerful antioxidants that flush out toxins and free radical from the body which are leading causes of fat build up and speeds up aging.

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Recommended Use:

Since this is a health tea which aid in losing weight, you can take as much as you want and with 20 bags of this tea in a month’s supply, you can get up to 60 pots of quality tea. It is very easy to prepare and you can even use the tea bags up to two times per bag. You just need to reheat the bags in the water again.

Weight Loss and Detox Tea

The Tava Tea Weight Loss Blend is probably the safest way in reducing excess fat and gaining a lot of antioxidants in the body that help the body get rid of toxins and free radicals. So if you are one of those who love their tea and would want to lose some weight naturally, this is the best health drink for you. Grab one for yourself today and experience the fat-burning qualities it has to offer and be on your way to achieving a healthier body in a safe and hassle-free way.

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