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ShaveNoMore showcases Ultra Hair Away – the best hair removal products. This product uses natural plant enzymes to attack hair follicles.

ultra hair awayMen and women alike often have unwanted body hair. Some men have hairy backs and overly hairy chests. Some women have facial hair, dark arm hair and hair in other unwanted areas.

Using depilatory creams, electrolysis, laser removal and waxing procedures are all quite costly and provide only temporary results. Skin irritations are common with these practices as well.

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Does Ultra Hair Away Work? – Safe For Use On The Face

Ultra Hair Away can be used virtually anywhere on the body. Many people struggle with sensitive facial skin. Using over-the-counter products often cause irritation, rashes and breakouts.  This hair removal option has no reported side effects. It is safe for use on all skin types.

Plant Enzymes Get to the Follicles

best hair removal productsUltra Hair Away is 100-percent organic. Natural plant enzymes are combined to work together effectively “killing” follicle roots. Each application diminishes the integrity of the follicle and reduces its ability to regrow hair.

Some Of The Ingredients Include: Urea, Water, Glycerol and Extractable Fruit Derivatives

The extracts taken from fruit help nourish the skin while depleting hair follicles. Methyl paraben is also a component of the solution.

How to Use Ultra Hair Away?

The application process is simple. Spray on a freshly waxed or shaved area. It is more effective when there is a clear surface to work with. Allow the spray to dry naturally. Apply once per day.

The time in which it takes to stop hair growth varies depending on the area of the body being treated. For facial hair removal, the process takes about 8 weeks. The chest, legs and back see results in 3 weeks, on average.

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Clinically Proven Results

Actual clinical studies have taken place to determine the validity of the claims made by Ultra Hair Away. Several areas of the body were tested on clients with varying excess amounts of hair and varying skin types. The results of the studies completed showed a gradual depletion of hair follicles with the daily application of Ultra Hair Away.

Over a short period of time, the actual structure of the follicle changes. This changes the way the hair grows, taking course strands to fine, baby-like hair. Once the hair reaches the ultra-fine stage, discontinued hair grown occurs.

ShaveNoMoreClients were examined several weeks after their hair growth initially stopped. The results were that the hair did not regrow. Their skin was left smooth and without stubble.

Struggling with difficult body hair doesn’t have to be one of the life’s stresses any longer. Women can feel confident without makeup when excess hair leaves shadows on the face. Men won’t have to worry about being embarrassed about removing their shirts in public either. Shaving often leaves the irritation on the skin or causes infected hairs and follicles.

This solution is a proactive way to keep your skin healthy and naturally weaken hair follicles to the point where they can no longer grow hair. It is a simple process that will not cause any adverse reactions on the skin.