Getting Your First Tattoo? Consider Beautiful Tattoo Designs for Women


Have you decided that you’d like to get your first tattoo? You likely want to get a design that has meaning behind it.

tattoo designs for women

Getting a tattoo is a decision that only you can make to enhance your features with beautiful body art. If you’re indecisive about what type of design you should get, there are lots of good tattoo designs for women that you can consider.

What Are Some Popular Choices?

There are some tattoos that are quite popular amongst women, including butterflies, stars, and roses. You can get any of those three designs while still making them your own. Just because other people have those tattoos, it doesn’t mean your tattoo design has to look the same.

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If you want to get a butterfly, you can choose the bold and beautiful colors you’d like to have used. And, if you want a rose, there are so many unique ways to have it done. You might want to have a colored rose where you can have red, blue, or even pink ink used. You can also have the rose done in black and white, which will look just as beautiful.

What Are Some Small Tattoo Designs for Women?

Because it’s your first tattoo, you might not want to choose a design that is too big, especially if you’re not sure how well you’ll tolerate the pain of the tattooing process. There are all kinds of small tattoos to choose from, some that are more intricate than others. Small anchors, feathers, hearts, and ribbons are all good choices. You can have them colored or keep them black and white too. Small tattoo designs can fit just about anywhere on the body. Some cool places to have them include your fingers, wrist, back, or even the inside of your ear. You can choose the exact location that you think will look best on you.

small tattoo designs for women

How Can I Choose the Best Tattoo?

Choosing the best tattoo is a matter of preference. What do you like? What do you want to wear on your body? Consider some of the important things about the tattoo, such as size, color, and shape. Also decide what you want your tattoo to represent because every tattoo has meaning behind it. Is it a representation of you freedom? Is it a tattoo that you’re getting in memory of a loved one who passed away? Think about all the things you want to have tied into your tattoo and then make sure to discuss them with the tattooed artist so that you get exactly what you’re hoping for.

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There are many tattoo designs for women. Some of these designs are popular and common while others are less traditional and more unique. It’s up to you to decide which kind of tattoo you want and how you want it to look, but if you’re unsure about what to get, these ideas may inspire you.

You can also talk to the tattooed artist about some of the things you like before having your tattoo sketched out on stencil paper.