Unique And Eye-catching Tattoo Ideas For Women


These days, tattoo culture is widespread around the world. If you are indecisive, keep reading. We bring you the best tattoo ideas for women.

tattoo ideas for women

Research conducted in The United States shows that there are more women with tattoos than men. Getting a tattoo is a big and complicated decision. You have to decide what kind of design do you want, where do you want your tattoo, will your tattoo be black, or some other color, etc.

The hardest thing to come up with is an original design. Everybody wants their tattoo to be unique. We bring you the most incredible tattoo ideas for women.

Every tattoo is unique: Every person in this world is different. Everybody has his/her own vision of things. In this article, we bring you interesting ideas for your new tattoo. You just have to choose body part you would like to have inked and a design.

Most Feminine Places For Tattoos

  • Inner wrist: One of the most feminine places for a tattoo is inner wrist. This body part is suitable for small, sexy tattoos. One of the good sides is that you can hide it when you need to.
  • Ankles: Similar to your inner wrist is your ankle. Getting a tattoo on your ankle is least painful of all body parts.
  • Fingers: Whether you get your tattoo on the top of your fingers or on the side, it is guaranteed that it will look feminine.
  • Shoulder: Getting a tattoo on the back or front part of your shoulder is a great idea. The bad side is that getting a tattoo in this area hurts a bit.
  • Lower back and hips: Tattoos on your lower back and/ or your hip look extremely sexy and irresistible.
  • Thighs: Tattoos made on your inner thigh, or thigh wrap tattoos are very attractive and alluring.
  • Neck: Neck tattoos are also attractive. The good side of neck tattoos is that you can cover them with your hair when you need to.

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Tattoo Ideas For Women

Now that you have picked a place for your tattoo, you need to choose your design. Here are some classic tattoo ideas for women:

Angelina Jolie Back Tattoo

  • Animals: Cute little animals are pretty popular among women. You can choose, for example, a bird, butterfly, dragonfly or even a dragon.
  • Symbols: Symbols are very good looking tattoos. You should pick a symbol which means something to you. It can be a Chinese letter, heart, star, cross or anything that has a meaning for you.
  • Dates: Tattoo a date which means something to you. It can be your wedding day or a day when the person you love the most was born.
  • Natural motive: Flowers, trees and garden-like tattoos are enchanting.

Hopefully, these tattoo ideas for women will help you make up your mind and choose the right tattoo. When choosing your tattoo remember to think about the following : size (smaller tattoos are feminine, but bigger tattoos are more powerful), privacy (can your tattoo be covered when you need it to) and place (we have suggested the most alluring body parts).

Also, do not worry whether your tattoo is original or not. As I've mentioned, every person is unique and so will be your tattoo.