[BL450] Nutri Ninja Pro Blender Review: Best Blender For Smoothies


You have just seen an advertisement for the Nutri Ninja Pro Blender (BL 450). After all, you want delicious soups, smoothies or dressings that are easy to make. And that are packed with more of the essential nutrients and vitamins you need to stay healthy, right? Sure read this review:

nutri ninja pro blender

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Nutri Ninja Pro Blender (BL450) has been my best blender I have been using and I think there no other blender that can ever give me the same satisfaction. First when I bought it I had doubts if it will really crush the seeds as they indicated, but what I was surprised that within seconds the juice was ready. I took a cup and filled with ice cream, frozen fruits, milk, fresh strawberry, ice, and protein powder.

I was just astonished how all of this would be converted into a delicious smoothie juice within ten seconds. It was better than the one I used to buy from the supermarket. The machine has made me and my entire family great since then I don’t have any problem with my diet. If there is a need to take only proteins and vitamins am able to blend the ingredients and feed the juice to my two young kids.

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With the power, the machine had I became worried about how I was to pay my electric bills. I thought the same it worked would be the way it will draw power, but it is not the case. Since then I have not had any issue in the increment of my bills from the usual which I was used to.

For the long period of three years I have used the machine nothing negative I have notice, can it be that am too lazy to see, no it is true am always satisfied. Sometimes I fill it to the max fill line but it has never been unable to blend.

Nutri Ninja Pro Blender (BL450) does a very recommendable blending. Its base is made of the rubber stopper making it remain in the same position without moving when it is blending. The right thing with is that it comes with two cups one which is smaller and the other bigger.

You can either use a smaller one if you want to blend a little amount of juice and if your family is big enough you can use a big cup. In my home, I usually like using a smaller cup since have been used to filling it to the max fill line.

ninja pro blender

General Information of Nutri Ninja Pro Blender:

  • Nutri ninja blender consists of professional power of 900 watts.
  • The blender can extracts both vitamins and nutrition, you need to go for this blender to have all in one.
  • The extracting blades of Nutri Ninja blender are so good and sharp that it easily crushes seeds, ice, and stems of the fruits and vegetables.
  • To the smooth mixture that an individual can drink and you will not even get a single piece of raw fruits.
  • Even if you use fruits with seeds it will not leave those seeds too, it will perfectly crush them down and mix well with the smoothie.

Nutri Ninja Pro Blender (BL450) is a type of blender you need for smooth blending. The product can be found in supermarkets, but not all sells this machine, to minimize the time you spend moving from one shop to the other searching for this machine. Simply visit this online shopping and get more information about the product and you will get it shipped to you if you make an order within few hours.

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