Disney Frozen Cosmetic Set Review: Beauty Gift Idea For Kids


Review on Disney Frozen Cosmetic Set (Beauty Cosmetic Set for Kids) – Multiple pieces to mix, match and create, safe and non toxic and fun box set and perfect as gift.

disney frozen cosmetic set

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We do much to our bodies and forget that the need to be done to your kids. As a mother, I would love seeing a young girl having her own cosmetics for make up. They do need to look good too, if you are a mother and you make yourself look nice than remember that your kid admire what you do and it is better to get a set for her. I have a girl who always wants to do what her mother is doing. If I am using lipstick, she wants the same to be done to her. When I noticed this, I went further and bought her Disney Frozen Cosmetic Set. This was after thorough considerations. I had to look on the side effect so that I will not end up exposing my daughter to danger.

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When I went through the reviews, they didn’t give me any light on the set, but I just bought it because I had already promised her that. I hate making empty promises so I fulfilled the promise but till now I see her like Disney Frozen Cosmetic Set. The set contains all types of make up that a kid needs. Sometimes it is not a must that a kid knows to use it for you to buy. My daughter can now sit in front of her small mirror and imitate what her mother does. What I usually do is control her not to waste the products. Nowadays she longer touches my maker up anymore. So buy her Disney Frozen Cosmetic Set. All my nail paint is safe. She damaged most of my paints when I was away and since she was innocent it would have been good if I caned her.

The items contained therein are of quality for a kid but if you start comparing that one with yours it may look like nothing to you. First everything is of small size from the. The package also contains artificial nails but the problem with the set I bought is that the artificial nails were difficult to fix. But since I am used to them I just looked foe gum and made them stick. Now if you get my daughter applying makeup you may think that it’s an old mother. She knows how to go about it and my effort is no longer needed.

Disney's Frozen Beauty Cosmetic Set for Kids

When I made the order and paid for the product, it was delivered within four hours which has never happened early before. Is it that they love kids more than we mature mothers? You can too buy Disney Frozen Cosmetic Set for you daughter if God has given you one and make her busy when you are applying your makeup to minimize her exposure to some chemical we use that can be dangerous to them. The product is worth the price but as I was going through the reviews I so something that the price is not equivalent to its quality. Make your family members beautiful by making sure that each and ever kid girl at least has a set. It is very good to have them trained earlier on how to apply makeup.

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