Review Spy Tec GPS Tracker (STI_GL300 Portable) For Car


With the technology, you can monitor your vehicles at the road or track your stolen vehicles easily. Spy Tec GPS Tracker (STI_GL300 Mini Portable Real Time) is the best tracker for car due to it's small size (mini GPS tracker) to fit in the pocket.

spy tec gps tracker

See Product Details: Spy Tec STI_GL300 Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker

It is slightly larger than that size of a matchbox and can be the place and fit well anywhere. Its case is made up of a magnetic material and on top of that it is waterproof making it easier to be placed on the lower part of vehicles. You can connect the tracker to your mobile phone, tablet or computer through the Tec GPS platform.

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All the information will be displayed in your computer and you will have to monitor the places where your vehicle moves all the day. It is able to track time, speed and the position to on Google map; these activities can be tracked for over a year.

You can set some alerts, for instance, when the vehicle is starting, when the speed is beyond the limit and when it has stopped. The alerts can come in form of messages to your mobile phone or email. You can put limits on the map where your vehicles need not go past and get alerts if the tracker goes past the place or enters that place or leaves the place.

For effective use, you can subscribe monthly for starting from $25 to allow tracking from minute to minute. Spy Tec GPS Tracker comes with an excellent and long-lasting battery; it can continuously work for two weeks or sometimes longer than that.

gps tracker for car

This device enables you to monitor your valuables closely when you are not around them for example vehicles and even the loved ones. This is my first device, but it works much more than my expectations that I had put on it. It is real good for the time of acquisition I have been monitoring my vehicles closely and I have got tremendous increase in profits as compared to an earlier time.

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The main reason why I bought Spy Tec GPS Tracker (STI_GL300 Mini Portable Real Time) was to track my car if it got stolen. In the wake of enacting the gadget, you make a record through the Spy Tec site. The system work like Pieces of fruit finds my phone, however with more gimmicks.

You can get the continuous area of the gadget or recorded information; you simply enter the scope of dates you need to see. I've given my family my record data so they know where I am at all times just on the off chance that my ex does great on his assertion and I turn up gone.

The main disarray I had when I initially got it was the manner by which to actuate it. I reached SpyTec and got a brief reaction with guideline. In cases where you are new to this gadget, there are some guidelines you need to follow.

So you will get a manual giving you the directions on how you will have the Spy Tec GPS Tracker installed. This is very important more especially those areas that are unsafe that is where there is insecurity.

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*** Product Pros

  • The Spy Tec web portal is well thought out in general.
  • The web portal can be accessed from any modern browser, not limiting you to a specific Android or iOS application (GPS tracker app).
  • The service does allow you to define areas to be notified when the GPS leaves or returns to the certain area.
  • It appears to be much more effective than bracelet GPS devices sold for children, especially in that it works to some extent inside buildings.
  • Mapping and Reporting are based on Google Maps, and that's pretty nice.