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I have been spending much of my time at work and when I get home, I don’t leave my computer down. I realized that my weight was increasing each and every time I tried checking it. The reason being I spent much of my time on computers and forgot that my body needs to be taken care of. I have become huge even my wife wonders when will I get back to the size I was the time we got married. This size of mine has raised many issues till I decided to solve them by having Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker (Charcoal, Blue, Magenta, Lime).

fitbit zip wireless activity tracker

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My wife encouraged me till I had to buy one for her and forcefully one for myself. It has made me like taking some walk after job and during weekends. What amazes about my wife the day she can register the coverage of twelve kilometers while am struggling with my eight kilometers. I don’t know when I will be at her base so that I can beat her.

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Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker doesn’t need any maintenance at all. The ones I purchased from shopping online store do not require being set they reset themselves unlike the old version whereby it was a must for you to reset and record manually. For the lazy man like me am sure I am going to benefit much from this item. My weight is a disaster and I am in a dangerous state I can be attacked by many diseases if I don’t ensure that I have gotten rid off excessive fats out of my body.

The amazing features that will keep me look for Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker if the ones we own get damaged are that there are no charging cables that can add you stress. I read that the battery can last for a long time; it is indeed through because I had from my friend that he had been using his for three months, but it is still working.

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker ReviewThis wonderful technology can lead us far. If it was that I had to charge it every day with my tight schedule then am sure even exercising would have been a problem. Sometimes I may forget to charge it meaning the following day I might not do any exercise. The batteries are cheap and I bought mine at $2 for a 5 pack. If your problem is money then with this item money is not an issue.

If you belong to my category please, you need to get Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker so that we can capture our friends on the race. Each and every day I do cover a distance not less than eight kilometers but with a lot of strain because of my weight. My wife can because he really observes diet and exercises are like a daily meal.

fitbit zip tracker

(Charcoal, Blue, Magenta and Lime)

This is a great motivator since it assists you monitor your progress as you proceed with the process of cutting down calories. I have never or not heard any issue of the battery hope mine will last longer to continue motivating me day in day out.

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Will review the Fitbit Zip Tracker after using it for almost half a year, test its long-term benefits and battery life? We show how it monitors your daily activity, pairs with your phone, and evaluate whether it gives the good assessment of your health.